Frequently asked questions

I became a VAT payer, what do I have to change in system? Will be this VAT value visible on receipt?

  • You can make all changes from account OWNER in Web Network Administration in section Settings. There you have to type down your NIP number and check, that you are a VAT payer. After saving those changes, VAT value will be visible on receipt.

What if I need to change the business ID?

  • Just set the right data in the section Settings. This information will be automatically reported in our internal system and next invoice will be generated with the new details. Do not forget that you will need new certificate for the purpose of the Electronic sales reporting. If you own terminal from Storyous, please notify the bank about the business ID change as well.

Start with Storyous

Before you start to sell it is neccessary to fill in following data about merchant (1),

  • name of the company,
  • company address,
  • company registration number (IČO)
  • VAT identification number (DIČ).

DIČ will be the vital information for the Revenue Authority due to the Electronic Sales Reporting. 

The same data represents the biiling details for our accountant.

If the merchant is VAT payer, please mark the box ,,obchodník je plátcem DPH".

Bellow please fill contact data (2), that are coppied into the internal Storyous system. The email for instance serve as a billing contact.


All filled information, apart from contact, will be printed on the bill.