Frequently asked questions

In which units it is the best to sell products?

  • Units of products depend on their kind. We propose to sell products per item, however if it is necessary you can use units of weight or volume. If you set products by the weight (kg) or volume(l) then while making an order you have to always choose the product’s value, so the products deduct properly from the storehouse and they tie in with recipes of storehouse’s cards.

How to set VAT value for selling?

  • For each new added item VAT value is set automatically for 15%CZK. Through clicking on button Edit you can change VAT value for chosen item.

How to group Menu items?

  • You can group Menu items by categories. You can add and edit categories in section Premises, subsection Menu categories. You can add item to chosen categories in two different ways: by choosing category for new added item or opening Details or previously created item (section Premises, subsection Menu/produkty)

“Print to the kitchen” what does it really mean?

  • If tablet is linked with the printer, then after checking the function “print to the kitchen” order to the kitchen will be printed separately. If you have more than one printer, then you can choose on which printer you want to send chosen item to print (example : Drinks orders are printed at the bar, while ordered dishes are printed in the kitchen.

Can I sell product with a negative sign? 

  • Yes, you can, while addinf the product just put minus in front of the numebr.

Example: This you can use if you sell vouchers. So add to your Menu/Produkty product voucher 500,- (to sell the voucher) and voucher -500,- (to apply the voucher).

Can I add a variable item? 

  • If you change the names of our products often, you can use function calculation - see below.

To display the Menu in a tablet, you need to set it in web administration in the section Podniky > Products and Kategorie Produktů/Product categories.

If you have more enterprises than one, you have to choose what enterprise you want to manage. In the case of just one enetrprise, it is selected automatically.


Those items you create in the section Kategorie produktů/Products Categories and Produkty, will display automatically in the web administration for all your enterprises, so you don't have to create a menu again. After that you can choose what item you want to offer in a concrete enterprise using the check box column.

Anyway, you can edit a price and VAT of each item in every single enterprise. Sections Stoly/Tables, Nastavení podniku/Enterprise Settings and Uživatelé/Users are set separately for each enterprise.

Product categories

In a section Kategorie produktů/Products categories you have to set categories (for ex. Starters, Soups, Drinks etc.) and then you have to place there every item. In the tablet you can see only items WITH CATEGORY.

To create a new category click on „Přidat/Add“.


Český název/Czech title (1) displays in a web administration.

Zkrácený název/Short title (2) displays in a tablet.

Barva a ikona v pokladně/Coulour and icon (3) serves to identification of the category in a tablet.



In the section Products you can:

  • add some new items (1),
  • filtre items by category (2),
  • seek items by the title (3),
  • add and edit receipts to connect the menu item with stock (4),
  • edit and delete (5).


WARNING! The menu in a tablet is not updated automatically, it is necessary to log out an log in again to update all changes.

Add New Item

To add a new item, you have to fill out those informations below and confirm it with „Přidat/Add":

  • Český název položky/Czech title - that's for servis
  • Cena položky/Price - selling price including VAT
  • V tabletu/In tablet - this item displays in POS app
  • Online - you can ignore it, it serves to our development
  • Tisk do kuchyně/Print to the kitchen - if you select a printer, the item will be printed when you confirm the order in app 
  • Jednotka/Unit - choose the selling unit (kg, piece, litres etc.)
  • Kategorie/Category - for the better orientation in Menu (set it in Kategorie Menu/Menu Categories).


Add New but Variable Item

If you sell variable items you can use the function ,,Kalkulačka/Calculator".

By using this function it is possible to change the name and price of the item directly in the Storyous application in tablet. To use it you need to firstly create an item in your web administration. 

How to do it?

Log into your web aministration using login. Click on Podniky /Etreprises and create new item. 

  • Set the name of the item - this you can later change in the application. 
  • The price set as 1.
  • Mark the field ,,zobrazovat v tabletu".
  • Choose the unit which represets the character of the item the most.
  • Set VAT -  this you can later change in the application.
  • Choose the category.

Note: Do not forget the category, otherwise the item will be not visible in the application Storyous in tablet.


The search for the item in the section Produkty and choose edit.Krok_2.png

Set   “zobrazovat v tabletu“ and  “ vždy se dotázat na cenu“. This allows you to change the name and price. Then click on ,,uložit".



The whole process will be finished by logging out and in to the application Storyous in tablet