In the Table sections tab, in the Places, you can set up sections that are used to clearly divide tables into several sections.

You will find a list of existing sections and the option to add a new one - if you want to create a new table section, simply type its name, select the color of the section and click the Add button (1). If you accidentally overwrite, you can change the section name (2) directly in the list by clicking on the text. Use the slider (3) to change the order of the table sections in the list (and therefore also in the application). If you want to edit or delete a section (4), you will find the buttons on the right.


You can use table sections as a filter to display only certain tables. F.e.: If you have an open garden  during the summer season, which you close for the winter. You can choose the table sections in Storyous app by clicking on Table overview (5) and only check the sections you use in winter.