Frequently asked questions

Who can add new users?

  • Only user with access OWNER can add new users and set their accounts.

Where can I find settings of users accounts and how I can add new user’s account?

  • Settings of users accounts are situated in Web Network Administration, in section Premises, subsection Users/Użytkownicy. To add a new user click on button Add then fill all the empty brackets and click on Add/Dodaj to save changes. To change account’s details, click on button Detailsclose to the chosen user. Type down changes and click on Save to save them.

Which data I need to log in?

  • Password: it has to contain 7 signs, among them 1 number at least User’s login: it is used for signing in to Web Network Administration and for mobile waiter’s application (POS), login has to be unique in the system E-mail: it’s used only when user forget password - to remind password, e-mail has to be unique in the system

Settings user accounts

You can find this possibility in the section Enterprise/Podniky in the subsection Users/Uživatelé. There you can add users and manage all accounts. Only user merchant/owner, place manager or chief can add new users. 

First Log In

First user is created automatically. The user name and password is send by an email after delivery. To sign in please visit and agree a sales conditions. 

All users can manage own account in the section My account/Můj účet but they have limited access.

Add New User 

In the section Users/Uživatelé you can click on Add/Přidat (1) and type in following informations (2):

  • Name/Jméno 
  • Email - it must be original, it is used to recover your password 
  • User name/Uživatelské jménoit is used for signing in to the Web Network Administration and for mobile waiter’s application (POS), login has to be unique in the system
  • Password/Hesloit has to contain 7 signs, among them 1 letter at least
  • Position/Role - you need to choose an account access



Administration of User Accounts 

To edit the user account click on Change/Upravit. To delete user account can just the merchant by clicking on Delete/Smazat




Acounts Access

You must choose an account access for the user. 

For user Merchant/Owner are available all functions. 


Newly created roles:

  • Newcommer/Nováček - has lower possition than waiter. Newcommer can not make cancellations and can not give discounts.
  • Stock master/Šéf skladu - has simillar permissions as Place manager/Provozní, apart from access to section Přehledy. On the other hand he can work in stocks across more places of merchant.