Frequently asked questions

I received the HW but I can not log in, where is the problem?

  • First of all you need to log into your web administration at and then use the same login and password you received via email to log into the Storyous POS application in tablet.

I have many employees and I need them to quickly switch their account in POS.

  • For quick login use PIN codes to secure account of each waiter. How to set it up read in article below.

Sign In/ Log In 

Settings of the storehouse and menu are done users are add so now we can start to sell. 

You can log in to Storyous POS if you click on icon: 


Type in your username and password. This information you can find in a welcome email and then change in Web Administration as you would like to.

The username of login user you can see in upper right corner click on icon of logged in user.



Switch of Users Account 

On the same screen you can switch between users account. Click on logged in user name and choose different user. 

TIP: This way you can save your time because if you log in repeatedly it keeps you signed in

How to add PIN to your Account 

You can add PIN to your account in the Menu. Click on profile window with a cogwheel and then Nastavení PINu > Vytvořit PIN. It can be a four digit number. 



There you can also anytime change/Změnit PIN or cancel/Zrušit PIN settings of your PIN and change your password > Změnit heslo.