Frequently asked questions

Can I separate courses? (starters/mains/desserts)

  • Yes. you can use "Oddělovač" - Separator button. After clicking on it, you will see a black line that you can move and divide ordered products as you want.

How to set a half portion in POS?

  • Make an order of product, that you want to lower to half, than hold a finger on it. Window will appear and you will be able to set amount of portion (0,5 -> half a portion)

Is it possible to discount just one item from whole order?

  • This feature is in stage of preparation. In this moment you can only move this item to other/new table and make discount afterwards.

Additional operations

How to order is explain in article ORDER. Now we will go througt other functions regarding orders.

  • rename the existing account - after clicking on a heading of the account you can see the window offering three operations. When you choose „Změnit název účtu“ you can fill it out with the new name of the account. Then just confirm it and that's it.


TIP: You can use the tables with their own name as a long-term accounts - more information in the section Tipy a triky.

  • move the account on the other table - click on a heading as in the previous case and choose „Změnit stůl“. Then just choose the table you want the account move in.
  • delete account - same procedure, but choose the option „Smazat účet“.

Table section

Table section serves to guide for waiters. Each section could be for example one room or garden or anything else. How to add a table to the section is described in the article Tables.

If clicking on section_picker_icon.png (1) you can see the list of available section. With one click you can choose the section you want to display, second click hides them.



When you have made an account, you can add those items you have set in web administration before - you can find instruction in the article Products.

How to add an item to the account? Just choose a category (or subcategory), where the wanted item is and click on the item you want to add (1). This item displays then on the right side of the screen under the heading of the account (2).


In case the item is sold in a another unit than pieces, there is a calculator displaying after click on the item where you can set the amount (the number of grams, litres etc.).

When ordering you can also change default VAT, add a note or change the amount. Just hold the item you want to edit and those three options will display. Click on DPH (VAT) and choose the percentage you want or click on +/- if you want to change the amount (or click and change the number manually on the calculator). If you want to add a note for the order, hold the item before you confirm it with "OK", when you confirm it you can't add any notes or change VAT.


For completing the order is necessary to confirm it. Until the order is confirmed, you can delete any items from the right side with one click and also make any changes asi it is described above. Confirmation is done, when you click on „OK“ button (1).

During the ordering process, you can separate each item using the button Oddělit (2) - it serves to separate starters and main dishes for example. You can also move items with Slider (3).


When you confirm the order with OK, the ticket with order will be printed (it's necessary to set it in web administration). In the preview of the ticket you can see the separator "Oddělovač" (1) and eventually the note (2). You can add a note with holding an item during the order, after confmation this function is not available and you can change the amount only.


There are three sections on the account then:

  • New (1) - those items you have newly ordered
  • Accepted (2) - confirmed orders
  • Paid (3) - paid items


It is possible to add any items to existing account when you just click on that account and add the item according to instructions above.


Moving items

If you want to move one or more items from one account to another one, click on the account where the item is, click on the heading then (1) you you will display the settings of the account „Nastavení účtu“ and choose „Přesunout položky“ (2).



In the left column you can see a red arrows with number of pieces of the item on the exact account. After clicking on the red arrow, the item slides on the right side. The right column shows how many pieces of the item will be move.


Tip: Moving items is useful for a merging of two accounts.

When there is a situation, when customers left but you have just cooked the meal, use function Vydáno nezaplaceno - Cooked but not paid.

How to close the bill and print receipt you will find in article PAYMENT.

To serve!
Let your chief know that he can serve next meal! Just click on the selected order and then on SERVÍROVAT in the buttom left corner and the chief will receive notification receipt.