Frequently asked questions

Can I create kind of quick order?

  • Yes, you can use the button New order/Nová objednávka. If your guests decide to sit in your restaurant you can assing the account to some table. 

I sell mainly variable products, how can I work with such orders?

  • You can use function calculator/kalkulačka as described below. Then you are able to change names and price of the product directly in tablet.

Orders on the table

In Storyous POS application, you will work with three screens during the sales process: after logging in there is the main screen of tables and open accounts (1), when you open new or existing account, you can start ordering (2) and finally you can close an account with paying it (3).


In the following article we will pay attention to the first two parts of the sales process: to the accounts and orders. Process of payment and closing accounts will be described in the article Payment.

In the application you can see those things, you have prepared before in our web administration - tables, menu categories and menu items. You can edit all those things anytime in web administration in the section Podniky - this section is described in detail in those two articles: Products and Tables.


To order click on one of the tables. This moves you to the ordering mode.


The choose products and click OK to leave the order opened but to serve another guest. Whe the customer wants to pay, click on the existing order on the table and choose the Payment

Quick order

Another option to make an order it to click on the button „Nový účet“. This is so-called "quick order" and it serves mainly to quick servis in case of take-away.


Then choose those items you want to pay and click on the button „Zaplatit vše“, which completes the order and prints the bill for the whole account. You can also choose the option „Zaplatit zvlášť“ if your customers want to pay separately. If your customers decided to stay before closing the order, you can move their account on the table with the button ,,usadit ke stolu" on the lower strip. When it is already closed, you can move the items from the account on a table according to the instructions below.


The calculator is not a default function of Storyous POS application. You can create it as a product in section Podniky. How to set such a product use this link.

After the setting follow these steps:

1. After login click in section PRODEJ on  NOVÝ ÚČET or on chosen table.


2. Pick the product you have created to be your calculator, in our case PRODEJ - NÁPOJE.


The pop up window appear and you can set price (5), VAT (4) and name (3). You can also calculate the final price using the basic numerical operations.


You can add to your menu as many of such products - culculatosr as you want and also  when ordering you can add to one table more of these products.

The bill with given item/product looks like the bill on the picture below.


Detailed work with ordes read in the article Additional work with ordes.