Frequently asked questions

Star TSP654U II usb / řezačka / se zdrojem / černá
There is green and red lights winking on the printer. What does it mean?

  • when the green and red lights light, the cover is open.
  • If you are running out of paper, the green light lights and the red one is winking.
  • If both lights are winking slowly 1/4s control the LAN cable. 
  • If both lights are winking quickly the printer has changed IP address. 
  • If only red control lights, contact our support team.

LAN PRINTER Xprinter XP-C260-L 

Ilustrativní obrázek

The red light lights.

  • You are running out of paper.

The light ERROR is winking.

  • The printed is overheeted -  switch the printer off and wait 20 min, then you can swich the priter on again.
  • Autocutter problem -> open the cover, pull the paper a bit out of the printer and close the cover - try printing.


I can not print anything (nor bills nor orders).

  • Control the state of the printer using the button in the top left corner - Section Zařízení. If the printer is offline - check if you are on the right wifi network. Than log out and in to the app and check the state aggain, if it is not online contact our suport team. 

I can print bills but not orders.

  • Go to your web administration and check, if you set where the item should be printed (see bellow) Then log out and in to the app and try it again. 

I can not print bills but I can print orders.

  • Before the payment you see a dialog which asks you, if you want to print BILL/ÚČTENKU or digitally/DIGITÁLNĚ. You need to choose účtenku to print the bill.



LAN Printer is connected to the router by LAN cable. The router assign IP address to the printer. The tablet then communicate with the printer thanks to WIFI network, which is broarcasted by the router. So what are  the most important points?

1. Working router which broadcats WIFI network. If the router broadcast more then one WIFI the tablet needs to be connected to the same WIFI as the printer is set. If you are changing router, you need to set the IP addrecc again. Please contact our support team before doing this. 

2. The right WIFI network (see above). 

3. IP address of the printer needs to be added in Storyous system.

Print allocation

  • In your web administration you can choose, whether the item should be printed when ordered or which item will be printed on which printer.
  • This you can set in section Podniky - Produkty - in the row of given pruduct choose „Tisknout do kuchyně“ (1) or choose the printer on which you want to print the item (in case of more printers in the place).