Frequently asked questions

What does it mean ,,review by day"/denní doba in reviews?

  • Review’s timeline shows the time of the day that generates the highest revenue.

How to work with reports?

The list of all statistic overviews is in the section Přehledy in web administration.

In the following article we summarize basic controls, what is the same for all the types of overviews in this section.

Period selection

With this control you can choose the time period of statistisc you want to display.


To change the period click to the calendar - the first click is for "from..." and the second click is for "to...". The time perion you've chosen turns to red.

If you want to display the data for just one day, it is the same. You have to click to the same date two times and then confirm it with OK - it turns to red too.


Selection of the time segment

Here you can choose what period will sign the one point in the graph.


If you choose for example the period from 1st November to 23rd November and also a daily oveview, there will be 24 points in the graph. If change to display this time period by hours, then you'll see 576 points - one point is one hour.

More specific is the time segment "Denní doba" (Day time). With this you can see for ex. the earnings from 1st November to 23rd November depending on how it is spreaded in 24 hours. 


The graph serves to visualisation of chosen data.

By clicking on the points you can display the specific value of it (in the case below, it is a value for every single day).


In a graph you can also display the concrete data and compare them - for ex. the sale of two or more products or display the cash transaction only. You can find more information in Statistics and Reviews.


Right below the graph you can see the number as the summary of the values of the chosen period. (1)

If you choose some concrete items (2), this value will be the total of those items.


Reviews Export

It is available to export the data using the button export tabulky“ (sheet export) and „export grafu“ (graph export). When exporting the graph you'll get the XLS document with those values (numbers) from the graph so it is possible to use them later. Choose those informations you want to export in the row and column in a sheet below.


Sheet export and Graph export are saved as XLS document.