In the Reports tab you can see different charts and statistics while working with the Storyous administration. In this article we summarize the basic controls that are the same for chart control in all reports. For detailed information on individual sections, please refer to the articles dedicated to them.

Choosing a business

If you work in your administration with multiple businesses, at the top left you can choose from the particular business you want to view the data from (1).


Choose a date range - work with a calendar

You can view data only from the selected date on the charts and their summaries. You can set a specific time with the calendar on the right side of the window (2).


You can choose a period with two clicks in the calendar, where the first click marks the date from which you want to view the information, and the second click chooses the date to which the data is to be displayed. All days in the selected period are also marked in red (3).

If you want to select only one day, click on a specific day twice.


Time segment selection

A time segment is the length of a time period that appears on the graph as a single point. You can select a time segment directly above the graph on the left (4). If you have a selected period on the calendar, for example from 4.2. to 17.2. and at the same time, the set display of the time segment by days, then 14 points will be displayed on the graph. If you click on the hour view, then points will be recalculated - one point for each hour.

Time segment Daytime (5) will show you sales according to the distribution within 24 hours.



Graphs, summaries of graphs and tables

On the graph, you can see the visualization of statistics according to the selected company, period, and segment. When you move the mouse cursor over the selected point on the graph, the specific value that corresponds to it is displayed (6). The larger the value, the higher the point on the y-axis of the graph.

Just below the graph, you'll find summaries from a specific report (7). It gives the sum of the displayed values ​​for the period selected by you. The graph summaries in the individual tabs in the Reports in administration section differ according to the type of the specific tab.

At the same time, you can display only selected records in the graph and compare, for example, sales of two or more products or display only sales that are cash or sales from a specific table. You can select from the table below using the checkboxes on the left (8).



Export data from tables and graphs

Use the export table and export graph buttons (9) to export data. When exporting the graph, the data is exported to a .xls file, in the export you will find everything according to the filters you have selected.