Frequently asked questions

I am about to spend some time on holiday, but still I need to control my business. How can I do so?

  • Tarifs Start, Standard and Profi allow the view of current open account in your business. More over, because Storyous works in cloud, you can simply log into your Web Administration from any place of the world with Internet connection. Contact us througt the chat window and we can discuss trial, if do not have current overview.

Current overview

In the section Current overview/Aktuální přehled you can find opened receipts and also an occupancy of the place. With Storyous Merchants can spend peacefull holiday and still have their business under control.

On the Days Sales/Denní tržby chart (1) you can see opened and finished sales of the day. Below the chart you can see the summary (2) of all-day sales/ Dnešní tržby, opened-sales/otevřené tržby and current occupancy/aktuální obsazenost. 

You can also see the table, where is the opened receipts (3). Opened accounts are ranked by the highest value. Next you can also see which account is opened the longest.


You can also click on detail where you´ll find all details of the receipt.