On the Current Sales (1) section in the Reports tab, you'll find the currently open sales accounts in your business, so you can see what tables are occupied and for how long your guests are sitting in. You can see all open accounts here but if the account is long and open for a few days or a week it will not be reflected in the chart.

You can also export your data (2) from both graphs and tables, the export is in .xls format for Excel.


On the graph (3) you see both open and total revenue for the current day. Below the chart, you can find a summary (4) of today's sales, open sales, open sales of your employees, longterm customers and current occupancy percentage of your place.

In the table below, you can see the tables on which accounts are open, the amount currently in the account and the opening time of the account. Use the checkboxes (5) to display only the selected accounts on the chart. Clicking on the detail button (6) allows you to view the progress of the account, including attendance, and precise timing, deleting, or paying of items.