Frequenly asked questions

Regarding to the stocktaking the ballance of one products seems weird. Where can I check how many of this item has been sold?

  • Visit section Přehledy - Produkty, where you can find given item and check if it corresponds with the stocktaking.

What is another reason to use Review of products?

  • You can predict future revenues (in comparison to the same perion previous year od previous month), or you can plan your supplies. The other possibility is to observe, which item, meal or drink is favourite and so on which you should focus your business to earn more.

The Review of Products

In the review of Products/Produkty you can see the number of sold items. You can choose (1) specific items and see the number of sold items (2), earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) and margin of given products (3). 


For more infomartion about a storehouse, margin and stocktaking. 

The Review of Category Products 

This review includes similiar informatios like The Review of Products. You can find there how many items was sold in each category and how much was the EBIT, margin and expenses.