Frequently asked questions

Why in section Cashflow/Pohyb hotovosti I don’t see the cash amount in money register?

  • If you just have started with our Storyous system, then you should switch on the cashflow function on tablet - by clicking on button Track cashflow.

Why I can’t see information in section “Cashflow” on each tablet?

  • You can see information about cashflow only on tablet with assign function CASH REGISTER. In Cashflow you can add initial amount or make a closure of day’s earnings only from account with assigned role OWNER or MANAGER.

Where I can set an initial amount of cash register and make closure of day’s earnings?

  • On tablet with assign function CASH REGISTER open section Cashflow/Pohyby hotovosti. In left lower corner you will see button Initial amount/Počáteční stav and in the right lower corner you will find button Make a closure/Provést uzávěrku. Choose the wanted operation and then provide all required information.

What information can I see after making a closure of day’s earnings?

  • After making a closure of day’s earning you will see window with actual amount of cash register, day’s earnings, given discounts and added operations.

Why the amount of closing day’s earnings doesn’t conform with day’s earning report from given day?

  • In section Bills/Účty Day’s earnings-listyou can find the day’s earnings counted until midnight, 12 pm. Those amount may not correspond if you set the closing time in settings for different hour. Then in section Day’s earnings-list will display day’s earnings until 12 pm, while day’s earnings report/Přehledy of the given day will display earnings until the hour of closing the restaurant. So than you need to compare your closing ballance and the earnings in section Přehledy.

Cash Flow In Web Administration

You can set initial status of cash, cash flow and closing dates through clicking Účty, then Pohyb hotovosti in section on the left.

You can do this as well on your tablet Storyous POS application.

If you have more than one place/enterprise, choose it from menu first.



Setting of the initial state of cash

At the start of shift choose cash register (1) (if you have more than one), then click „Zadat počáteční stav“ (2) button.


Then enter the amount of cash you have in cash register at the start of shift. You can also add a note, then click ,,Uložit" to save.


System will always show you an option of amount of cash, that was in cash register in last closing date. You can pick this amount, or you can write down any other amount.

If you won't enter new initial amount and you'll start to charge immediatly, system will automatically save amount from last closing date. All new revenues will be counted with this amount.

You can set initial amount of cash afterwards. On time line you can find that initial amount and you can edit it by clicking "Editovat". After clicking, you can overwrite this amount.


 How to set cash flow manually

If you have more cash registers, choose one and click „Přidat pohyb“.



Choose, if you want to put on (vklad) or withdraw (výběr), and enter price. You can also add note.


You can edit all cash flow by clicking on timeline. Choose point you want to edit, then click „Smazat“ to delete it or „Editovat“ to edit. All will be counted based on this change.


Cash flow categories

If you have some repetetive withdrawals, you can set them in section Účty > Kategorie pohybu hotovosti.

You can add new category by entering name of category and clicking „Přidat“.



 You can see cash flow even in exports of cash flows. 

Cash closing date

To check status of cash amount at chosen cash register click „Provést uzávěrku“ button. In case you have card terminal Storyous, it's needed to close terminal in tablet. (Menu>Zařízení)


Closing date contains following info:

  • Whole revenues in cash since last closing date (1)
  • Current status of cash register (2)
  • Total revenues (3)
  • Revenues from last closing date (4)
  • Sales and discount made


Review of cash flow

In section Pohyb hotovosti you can see initial status, manual cash flows and closing dates that were made on cash register.

Review can be filtered by clicking on filtrovat dle období.


You can choose period by clicking on the first and the last date of desired period. Chosen days will be marked red.


You can also export your XLS data by clicking XLS export.79__1_.jpg

Note: If you are changing payment type od you are making bill cancellation when the daily closure is alredy made, Revenues recorded by the system will change, but the manually made closing balance will stay the same. 
Example: Imagine there is a bar working since 4pm till 3 am. The merchant will set the operation hours to 5am. The two more hours serve as reserve, when there are still some customer in your restaurant and it gives waiter more time to make the closing ballance. When the shift comes to work, they set the initial cash state (2) 2000,-. At 17:34 the waiter needs to pay for beer to their supplier 1000,- (3). At 3:35 the manager close the daily revenues and he can see, that he made 6686,- in cash (A),- revenues by card he calculates as a difference between A and B. If there is more tablets (cash registers) in the enterprise, number C is sum of number A and the revenues made on the second tablet. So in practise he has in cash 7686,- (D), because of the withdrawal for beer. Merchant can control daily revenues according to the cash ballance in section Přehledy - Přehledy tržeb.
Example of the daily closure made in tablet.