Frequently asked questions

If waiters are allowed to make cancellation where and how can I control, why the did it?

  • If you want to have bill cancellation under control, use reasons for bill cancellation/důvody zrušení účtenky and control all actions in section  Účty - Kontrola storna a slev. If you do not want your waiters make storno, change the role to Nováček

I made a mistake and have already printed the bill. What can I do?

Can I print the bill again?

  • In the menu box in Storyous application in tablet choose Přehledy účtenky and then the sellected bill, now you can print the bill again/znovu vytisknout účtenku.

How to control cancellations

If you cancel the bill and you are oblidged to report your sales, the bll is sent with a negative sign. 

For supervision over cancellation and discounts use section ,,Účty" (,,Bills") part ,,Kontrola Storna a slev". In detail of a given bill you can control the progress of the bill, as for instance which items were deleted.

In „Proběhlé změny“(,,Changes") (1) you can see graphic icons showing suspicious activities made with the bill (account): delete(smazani.png), discount(sleva.png), cancellation (refund.png) and repeated print (dalsi-tisk.png) or cooked-not served/vydáno nezaplaceno.

„Slevy“ (,,Discounts") (2) mean percentage discounts given to your customers by waiters. More information about such discounts is to be seen in the article ,,Platba a slevy".

If you click on ,,Detail" on the right side of the row (3) you can go througt the history of the account to better evaluate whether the discount or deletion were justified.


You can mark each note about suspicious activity as ,,zkontrolovaný" (,,controlled") (1) by marking the right box. So you can switch overview of supervised and nonsupervised bills by using the button "Nezkontrolované položky"(,,not controlled") and  "Zobrazit vše" (,,controlled") (2).

It is also possible to sort the information by date (3). Please choose the start of the period by clicking on the date in the calendar and second click will mark the last date of the period. (For only one day period please use double click on the given date). Chosen period will change the colour to red.