Frequently asked questions

If waiters are allowed to make cancellation where and how can I control, why the did it?

  • If you want to have bill cancellation under control, use reasons for bill cancellation/důvody zrušení účtenky and control all actions in section  Účty - Kontrola storna a slev. If you do not want your waiters make storno, change the role to Nováček

To make storno/cancellation you can use application in tablet (section přehled účtenek - within 24 hours) or later you can cancel the bill in web administration.

To control cancellations set in section Podniky - Důvody zrušení účtenk/ reasons of cancellation. The waiter then needs to choose from given reasons and you know, what happeden. As an example of such reasons can serve: mistake/omyl, other/jiné or kitchen (if you want to check quality of food and customer satisfaction. Detailed list of suspicious actions you can see in section Účty - kontrola storna a slev.