If you want the waiters to tell you why the cancellation was canceled for each cancellation, you can set all the reasons in the Places section in the Refund reasons tab. An example can be a reason for a mistake or a kitchen error. Accounts are canceled on the tablet in the Receipt Overview (cancellation can be made on the tablet within 24 hours of closing the account) and in the Bills section in the web administration in Bills tab, where the possibility of cancellation is not limited in time. Complete information on all cancellations made in your company can be found in the Bills in the Cancel log tab.

To add a reason for canceling a receipt, simply write it and save it to the list using the Add (1) button. If you overwrite the title, you can edit the text directly in the list by clicking on text. (2). If you do not need some reasons at the moment, you can deactivate them by unchecking the on box (3). You can delete reasons simply by clicking on "delete". (4).


When you cancel a bill in Storyous POS app all the reasons (5) you have set as active in the list will be displayed as selection options.


In the Bills section, in the Cancel log tab, you will then see the time and reason for the cancellation in the detail of the receipt process (6).