To be prepared for the electronic sales reporting follow these steps:

  1. Ask for Identification
  2. Download certificate for EET and create place of your business on the portal
  3. Upload the certificate to Storyous web administration
  4. Print bills with fiscal codes

1. Identification

You can ask for the Identification personally in an office of the Revenue Institute or online at To ask online follow the video below.

 2. Download the certificate and create place of your business

When you have the identification log in on portal

Download the certificate only once as you need the format .p12.

Do not forget to create the place of your business as you need the identification number. Follow these steps: Daňový portál - Služby EET - Elektronická evidence - Provozovny.

3. Uploading the certificate to Storyous web administration

When you have the certificate in .p12 format, log into storyous web administration ( and visit Podniky - EET.

  • Identifikátor provozovny - the number you were given on the portal (previous point)
  • EET mode: Zapnuto/ON - all bils are sent to RI server, Zapnuto volitelně/Optionally - you can exclude bills from take away ordes till March 2018 from sending to RI server. You will make the choice before every bill is printed, Vypnuto/OFF - no bills are sent.
  • Certifikát - upload the certificate in .p12 format.
  • Heslo - password you chose when downloading the certificate.

If you are successfull, you will see Platnost nahraného certifikátu do... above ODESLAT buttton. (2)

4. Print the bill with fiscal codes

Do not forget to log out and log in to Storyous application in your tablet to update the state of EET. Then you will print bills with fiscal codes.


In case of troubles contact us through the chat window and we will gladly help you.