Frequently asked questions

How can I create semi-finished product?

  • In section SKlad - Polotovary you can add such product. The unit choose wisely, as for now it is not possible to change it.

How can I use semi-finished products?

  • Semi-finished products makes the work with Recipes easier. In section Polotovary you can create recipe of dumplings, and than you add the semifinished product to repice of Gulash for instance. 

To create semi-finished product

In section Sklad - Polotovary fill the name of the product and unit(1) and add ingredients necessary for cooking such product.

Note: It is not possibile to change the unit later, so be careful when choosing the unit. Also, it is not possible to use conversion of unit, you can use only that unit with which you have created this stock card.


Detail of semi-finished product/polotovar mayonnaise/majonéza.

 Example: In case of mayonnaise we would add: eggs, mustard and lemon. Then in Section Podniky when creating recipe for fried cheese with potatoes you can add the semifinished product/polotovar. It saves your time as you create the whole recipe for mayonnaise only once.