Frequently asked questions

Where can I find review of day’s earnings by the method of payment?

  • In section Reports, subsection Day’s earnings you can see day’s earnings by the method of payment - by card or cash. Over the table you can find a calendar where you can specify the period of time to display.

What does it mean review by day in reviews?

Why the review of day's earnings in section Předledy differs from the same indicator in section Účty?
  • Section Přehledy serves to the merchant and section bills is more for accountant. For example, when you run you buisness over midnight, you can set end of the operation at 3 am for instance. Than section Přehledy will display all the data since 3am till 3 am the following day. Review of day's earnings in section Účty show the earnings from midnight till midnight as requiers the Czech law. See example in the article Revenue closing ballance.

Statistics And Reviews

All statistics and reviews you can find in a Web Network Administration in section Reviews/Přehledy.

TIP: If you have more then one business please choose the one you would like to check. (1)

What can you find in Statistics and Reviews?  

The review of day’s earnings

This review you can find in section Sales/Tržby.

Firstly choose a period of time (A1) and then how do you wan to display given data (A2). Then you can see all sales, average earnings from one guest and number of served guests (B). In the chart you can also see sales by the payment method - Hotově/Cash or Kartou/by Card (C).


Detailed informations about sales review and receipts for an accounting you can find in section Receipts/Účty subsection Bills overview.

The Review of Earnings 

In the section Profit/Zisk you can see the balance earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)(A) - it is the difference between operating revenues(B) and operating expenses (including initial VAT) (C). You can also see there a profit margin (D).