Frequently asked questions

Last days I noticed we have quite a lot of bill cancellations. Where can I check which waiter did it?

  • In section Přehledy - Personál, you can see which of your personnel perform well and who, on the other side, made the highest amount of storno /cancellations.

The Review of Staff

Firstly in the section Staff/Personál you can see profits of your staff and also number of served guests (1,2). 

Secondly you can also see there the number od deleted items from an order (3). This is the first indicator when there is something wrong with your staff.

Details of deleted items and cancellations are recorded in section Účty/Receipts - Supervision over cancellation and discounts.


The Review of tables 

In the Review of TablesStoly v podniku you can check out what table is the most attractive for your customers.