On the Waiters section in the Reports tab, you can see how individual waiters earn you.

If you manage multiple businesses you can choose what data you want to display on the top-left menu (1). You can also set a specific time period (2), you can also export your data from both the chart and the table (3), the export is generated in .xls format for Excel. The charts on the Waiters section work like the charts in most other sections in the Reports tab, and you can learn how to work with them on this article.

You can use the check boxes to graphically compare waiter’s sales (4). At the same time you can see how many customers they are serving, cancellations they are doing, how many accounts the specific waiters close and average spending per account (5). You will also find detailed sales for each waiter on the link all the way to the right (6).


After clicking on the detail button you can see what products the waiter sold and when it happened. There you can see the total number of items sold, gross takings, margin and costs for it. On the chart, you can use the boxes to display the details of each item (7) and compare them. It is also possible to display only products from a particular category (8), especially if you sell a large number of items in your place.