Frequently asked questions

I need to find the value of my stock for a given day, but I can not find it in section Sklad.

  • The cash value of your stock gives you section Přehledy-přehledy skladu.

Stock Review

Detailed description how to work with stock evidence you can find in manual STOCKS.

In section Přehledy - Sklad sou can work with value of your stocks. Basicaly you can generate ballances of the stock in cash. After chosing the period of time you can see the value of your stock takings, storage or amortizations.

First steps with the review

In section Přehledy - Přehledy skladu firstly choose the stock (1), then choose the time period (2) - you can take one day or the whole month for instance - the total value of your stock is then calculated  for the last day of set time period. After clicking on the filter (3) the items will be ranked by the highest value. Items can be ranked by name, value, total storage, stocktaking ballance, amortization or total sales. Searching is available by name or you can sort the items out by categories.


  • The value of the stock - The value of given stock in cash (VAT included), which is stated to the last day of set period.
  • Total sales - cash value of sold items represented by the price of ingredients for the given period. 
  • Sum of storage - storage in cash value for the given period.
  • Stock taking ballance in cash.
  • Sum of amortization - the value of ingredients which were not sold but were thrown.

Prepared overview you can export to .csv file, which can be opened in Excel. The other possibility is to tranfer the file to PDF using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P. 


Actual state of stocks in units and the history od storage, stocktaking and amortization you can find in section Sklad.