All bills one by one you can find in the section Bills/Účty  in subsection Receipts/Účtenky. A summary of all sales you can find in the subsection Bills overview/Přehledy tržeb.

In the section Receipts/Účtenky you can sort out receipts by the time period (1) and the method of payment (2).  

Than you can see there:

  • date and time of the bill (A)
  • bill identificator (B)
  • information about fiskalization (C)
  • detail and cancellation (D)


How can I filter the time period? Just click into a calendar. If you want select just one day, use double click. 


Bill Detail 

In the Detail (D) you can see all information about the receipt.  

Bill Cancellation 

Do you need cancel the receipt? Go to the section Bills/Účty and in the subsection Receipts/Účtenky click on Cancel/Zrušit. (D) Then you can also choose a reason of the cancellation.

(The reason of the cancellation you can set up in the section Enterprise/Podniky, in the subsection The reason of cancellation receipt/Důvody zrušení účtenky.)

What happens when I cancel the receipt? You will see the receipt marked as grey (2). If you use a Storehouse the items on cancelled receipt are added back. You are oblidged to fiscal all bills, the cancellation is sent to Revenue Institute as minus trasaction.

To click on Delete/Smazat you can delete the receipt totally. This function is avaiable only for merchant. A chief and place managere can receipts just cancel.


I cancelled the receipt, can I take it back? Unfortunately it is not possible as you have already sent the fiscal information to the Revenue Institutte.

In the detail of the bill you can see who and when the bill open and close (1), items of the bill (2), and the state of fiscalization (3),

  • blue tick means: that the bill was correctly sent to the Revenue Institute,
  • red cross means: either the bill was closed as NEPODLÉHÁ EET/not subject of the electronic sales reporting or is waiting for fiscalization.



Accounting system POHODA

To export bills to POHODA click on Účty -> Účtenky and then  Pohoda Export.

The file export.xml will be dowloaded for the set period of time.



1. Then open POHODA system and in section SOUBOR choose datová komunikace-> XML Import/export.


  1. Choose the right XML file.




3. After the import you will find the STORYOUS bills in the section Sklady -> Prodejky

In each Prodejka you can find:

  • bill number/identificator,
  • note about fiscalization.





Frequently asked questions

What to do if guests left the table without paying?

  • In this case you can use the function VYDÁNO NEZAPLACENO. If you have already closed the bill you can make cancellation by clicking in the section Účty/Bills at zrušit.

How to delete a bill?

  • In mobile waiter’s application (POS) in main menu open section Přehled účtenek.Choose receipt that you want to cancel, and then click on Cancel/Storno and choose reason to cancel the bill. In tablet you can cancel bills made max 24 hours ago.
  • Merchant/Owner can delete also older bills. To do it, sign in to Web Network Administration and in section Účty, subsection Účtenky.

What happen when I cancel the bill?

  • Products that are added to cancelled bill do not count out from the storehouse. The only reason, when products are counted out from the storehouse is “Guest left, didn’t pay”