In the web administration, you will find the Payment Terminal tab in the Reports section. Here you will see a detailed overview of payments made through the payment terminal, including data on tips (the system considers the difference between the actual value of the receipt and the amount paid by the customer as tips). In this article, we will explain the individual functions of this tab.

Revenue data from the terminal can be filtered by time period by selecting a specific time period (1) and changing the period in the calendar (2). The displayed data can be exported to the graph and table with the export buttons (3).

The POS MERCHANT Administration button (4) is very important here, which takes you to the interface of your ČSOB account, where you can see the status of individual transactions, change data, filter between transactions and cancel payments made via your payment terminal.


To log in to the POS MERCHANT application (5), you will need your ID number as the username and the code sent to you by the bank in an SMS message, you will enter it as a password.