Frequently asked questions

What is Recipe for? 

  • Recipes allows you to interconnect products on menu with stock cards. It is possible to deduct more items from stock by selling one product.

Where can I edit recipes? 

  • Visit section Podniky - Produkty and in the row of given product you can or set or edit recipe. 

I have a difficult recipe and I want to create a new product with very similar recipe. Do I need to set the recipe again?

  • In section Produkty choose upravit in the row of given product. In the detail of the product change the name and click on ,,uložit jako novou položku". The previous product stay the same and you can change the recipe of the newly created product. 

General information

To set recipes go to section Podniky - Produkty and click on Nový recept/New recipe or upravit recept/edit recipe. Then choose items from the stock and set the amount, which should be deducted after selling this product.

Note: If you have two zones (two cash points) and you want to sell coffee and deduct it from one selected stock - set the option with the name of given stock. If you want the coffee to be deducted from one or another stock depending on which cash point it is set, choose ,,Podle zóny".


Newly you can create product together with the stock item. In section Sklad click on vytvořit skladovou kartu.

Set the name of the stock item(1), which will be the same as the name of the new product (both can be renamed later). Fill details about the stock item (2) and mark the field propojit s položkou menu, fill in in which enterprise should the product be created (4) and from which stock the item will be deducted (5). Add the selling price (6) category, to make the product visible in tablet (7). To sum up the system asks you in which stocks the item shoud be created (8). Then click on vytvořit.

Note: The recipe will be created only in the selected eterprise.



To set recipes

TIP: If you do not use section Sklad, you do not have to set recipes.

If you want to use section Sklad and work with stock items properly, it is necessary to set recipes. To set recipes go to section Podniky - Produkty and click on Nový recept/New recipe or upravit recept/edit recipe. Then choose items from the stock and set the amount, which should be deducted after selling this product. Recipes also shows you the level of margin, so you can edit the selling price according to your costs.


Then you can work with the detail of the recipe. Please fill names and amounts of given stock cards of which the product is composed. Newly you can set polotovar, which you can prepare in section Sklad.

Start writing the name of the stock card and set the one which is adviced you by the system. Then you can  set the amount and unit (1). It is necessary to choose from which stock should the item be deducted. At the end of the row you will see the calculated margin based on the costs and selling price. If you are trying to add nonexisting stock item, the option to set amount and unit will be not available.(2)

For more difficult recipes see Examples below.

Note: Set only positive numbers as amount of the stock item in recipe. 


TIP: For the right margin calculation of given product, all items need to be correctly set to the stock - with the right buying price and unit. Then check the right amount and selling price in recipe.


You create product „Kuřecí maso s rýží in section Podniky. To prepare this meal you need: kuřecí maso/chicken meat and rýži/rice. In section Sklad > Skladové karty store Chicken meat and rice.

Then in section Podniky in the left menu open  Produkty and find the product to which you want to create the recipe/recept – in our case „Kuřecí maso s rýží“.

In the recipe detail write the name of items from the stock, the unit stays the same as previously set in stock (in kg). To prepare the meal we need, 300g of meat and 150g of rice, which we fill into the field „Počet“. For the meat set 0,3 or we can change the unit to g and set 300. The same steps we will make with rice. Additionaly we can add polotovar (set in section Sklad as composition of more items - in our case sauce).recepty_4.jpg


Note: There are two causes of negative margin: reduction of stock items in stock taking and selling with discounts. 


1. You are making stock taking and the system tells you that you should have on your stock 2kg, but in reality you have only 1 kg. The system records this situation as loss and the margin is decreased. 

2. Selling with discounts decrease your revenues, that is why the margin is decreased. 

Control following point to set the recipe correctly: 

  • set the recipe on time! (items are deducted from the stock in the moment of recipe creation, not to the past).
  • write the name of the stock card in recipe detail correctly,
  • set the amount of the item, that should be deducted correctly.