Frequently asked questions

How I can set look of the receipt?

  • In section Premises/Lokale, subsection Receipt’s settings/Ustawienia rachunku, you can add own text or picture, that you wish to be printed on your receipts.

I run my business over the midnight and so I need to see the overview till the end of the operation.

  • It is possible to set the end of your operation in section Podniky - Nastavení podniku. Than, section Přehledy will show you all infromation according to this time period, so for instance since 3 AMtil 3 AM the next day.

Design your Bill

To set a receipt go to the section Podniky/Enterprises and the subsection Settings Enterprise/Nastavení podniku

There you can set up:

  • Picture/Obrázek - the picture is shown in upper part, the size of the picture must be 580X260 px
  • Headline/Nadpis účtenky 
  • Message for user/Zprávu pro uživatele - there is a place for message in lower part, you can type in for example: Thank you. 


The receipt can see for example like this. VAT is shown just if you are VAT payer. 

What are the essential parts of the bill?

  • Merchant's VAT number,
  • Identification of the place of business,
  • Issuing time of the bill (with seconds),
  • Code of the bill,
  • At the bottom part there are the fiscal codes (if you are the subject obliged to electronic sales reporting).
  • A) FIK + BKP - you have internet connection and the Revenue Institute (RI) sent you the fiscal code.
  • B) PKP + BKP - you einther lost internet connection, or the server of RI is busy. You do not need to be affraid, Storyous will try to send the information about the bill again.


Setting the time for operation

It is possible to set the time period for the section ,,Přehledy" (,,Overviews"). If you run your business over midnight, you can change it in the section ,,Podniky"(,,Enterprise") in the field ,,Nastavení podniku" (,,Settings of the eterprise"). Bellow the bill setting please fill the hour of closing your operation.  Please make sure that you have time enough to make the closing balance.

Example: You run your business from 4 pm till 2 am. Setting the time for operation enables you, as a merchant, observe Revenues and other reports according to this time period. Set the box ,,ukončení dne pro přehledy" to 3:00 So for the section ,,Přehledy" the day starts at 3 am and ends at 3 am the following day. The one extra hour,  since 2 am till 3 am, is there for making the closing ballance. The closing ballance needs to be done by waiters before the ,,end of the day" in this case before 3 am, othervise the system will count the revenues to the following day. Your accountant will receive the revenue report from the section ,,Účty", which is recorded, according to the Czech law, from midnight to midnight.


All payment are reported in CZK. But for now you can also set rates for more currencies, which will be printed on the bill. Your personnel do not have to calculate it as the amount is printed on the bill according to your course.

First of all set the courses in web administration in section Podniky - Nastavení podniku.


Log out and in to the Storyous POS application and then just print the bill with all selected currencies.