I want to create a stock item, but I do not know the price.

  • Create an item and leave the field for price empty, you can add price later in the detail of the card or during storage for instance.

I have created a new category of items in stock but it is not visible. Why?

  • Newly created category is visible only in the detail of stock item. After adding at least one item to this category you are allowed to choose the category also in filter and so on. 

What does it mean hromadná akce/group action?

  • Hromadná akce gives you the possibility to make changes for more than one item at once. You can edit, copy, move, delete or change VAT for more items by one click. (Deletion of stock items is available in all but central stock).

Stock item category

Stock item categories serve for better orientation in your stock. You can make stocktaking for each category separately for example.

New category can be created by writing the name of category and clicking on „přidat“. The name can be changed later or you can delete the category, as you like.

If you have more than one business you will see all categories in all stocks. 


Stock item cards

Section Skladové karty represents all stock items created. Functions of stock items:

  • each card shows you the actual amount of the item on your stock (1) - You add manually initial state and price of a new product. Then it is necessary to set recipes, thanks to which will be items automatically deducted from the stock with every sale made. When you are running out of some products, you will simply add them on the stock through storage
  • actual buying price VAT included  - the price of given stock item is the one you can set initisally or the price of the last storage, or the average price of your supplier (when you put the items on the stock you can decide if you want to change the price for all pieces of the given items on the stock or if you want to count the average price). Buying price VAT included is important also for margin calculation.
  • quick and useful stock overview  - Stock items you can sort out and export to Excel file. (5) 

How to add and administrate stock items

In section SKLAD click on skladové karty (1), and you can add new stock item (2). In the top left corner you can choose selected stock (in case of more stock created). (3) You can choose filter (4) which sorts out the items. By the small box with number (5) you can select all items and choose some of group actions (6). To edit the stock item click on UPRAVIT (7). Deletion of stock items is allowed in all stocks apart from the central one. (7)

Note. When you use filter, do not forget to reset the filter for next work in stocks. (9) 


Note. If you have more than one stock and you want to create the same item on the other stock use the group action/hromadná akce - kopírovat na sklad /copy to other stocks. Amount and price on the second stock can differ. 


To add new item click on the button in the top right corner +Nová skladová karta and fill:

  • Name of the card/item
  • EAN
  • Category - how to create categories is described above.
  • Initial VAT - for now set by default to 15%, it is possible to change it according to the conditions of your supplier,
  • Unit- when setting unit, think about future stocktaking - in which unit it is more confortable for you to control and measure state of each item? Do not forget that the price you set is per unit! So if you put on your stock bottle of vodka of 0,7 l, you need to calculate the price for one litre.
  • Price- buying price VAT included,
  • Propojit s položkou menu/to create also product - by using this button you can create new product of your menu.
  • Stock- you can choose from which stock will the stock item be deducted.

The last option is to choose on which stocks will the item be created. You can copy the item to another stock also later (described above).


Basic rules in stock

If you have more stocks you can make přeskladnění/to move amount of one stock item from one to another stock.

Stock items are deducted from the stock immediately afted adding the product in POS Storyous app on customers account/table.

Merchant can also set the interconnection of tablets and stocks (only in case of tables as a cash point). The picture bellow shows setting of stocks - Section Sklad - seznam skladů. 

Pozn. If you have more than two stocks or places and you want to use the stock to the fullest, we highly recommend to contact our customer servis via chat window in the bottom right corner or via phone. We will gladly help you with the settings.