How to correctly store new items?

  • New stock items store using the button Nové naskladnění in section Sklad -  Naskladnění. Choose on which store will the item be added. This way you can store new items or to add amount of given units to already existing stock card.  

I need to store very often new items, what is the best way?

  • You can create new item already in Naskladnění/Storage. Start writting the name of new item and the system gives you the possibility to create new item "vytvořit novou položku". Then you can continue with the storage. 

Where can I find storage reports?

  • In section Sklad - Naskladnění are available all reports about your storage. You can search there by time period, stock, supplier, note or author. 

Can I print the storage report?

  • To print the storage report use keynote shortcut Ctrl+P.

Where can I find the stock review in cash (the value of my stock)?


To store new items/put new supply on stock firstly click on Všechny sklady (1), and then on Naskladnění (2) and choose selected stock.

Note: It is possibile to store only into one stock at once.naskladni_zacatek__1_.PNG

In Naskladnění you can fill the supplier, number of invoice or to add note. Then start adding new items or search for items already created. It is possibile to create the storage NOW/nyní or IN PAST/v minulosti. 

The price: if the item has been already stored for ex. per 25,-/unit and now the supplier set the price to 30,-/unit. In this case system gives you the possibility to choose: if you want to rewrite the price for all units of given items, If you wanna stay with the old price or if the system should count the average price according to the previous price and amount. This price is important for margin calculation


To store already existing item use the ,,system advisor" which appears after starting writing the name of the item. You can also create new item, if it is not in the system yet. Add the ammount and price per unit. (More details in paragraph above). At the end of the row there is the value of the whole ammount of given item. 


The history of storage will be displayed after clicking on Naskladnění (2). Choose selected stock or all stocks(1) and than filter by stock (3). If you made mistake in storage, no problem, you can edit the storage (4).

It is possible to export the storage into Excel file (5).


Transfer between stocks

If you have more items in one stock then in the other, you can transfer part of the amount to the second stock. In section Sklad leave in the top left corner - Všechny sklady (1), click on Přeskladnění (2) click on Nové přeskladnění (3).


Then choose the stock from which you want to make the transfer.  


Then choose the stock to which you want to make the transfer.


Fill the table by items you want to transfer - use system advisor (described above), the system also tells you the amount of units of the given item on the first stock. You can change the price and then click on Vytvořit.

You can see the history of transfers and all other actions are available as for Storage in section Přeskladnění. 


Writting of

If some ingredients are spoilted, it is necessary to write them off the stock. For such actions use section Odpisy - vytvořit nový odpis. Start filling the detail by note (1)and then write items you need to write-off (2) and put selected amount of units (3) then just click on Vytvořit (4). Later you can edit the writte-off. Again you can use various filters to sort out writte-offs or export it to Excel.