Frequently asked questions

I have not time enough for stock taking of the whole stock. Which possibilities I have?

  • You can make the stocktaking for only chosen categories. It is possibile to make the stock taking in past or edit the stock taking.

New stock taking

If you set recipes in section Produkty, the system automatically deducts items/ingredients from the stock with every sale. To control your stock see Sklad - Inventury. 

To control your stock click on Sklad - Inventury and then on the button Nová inventura in the top right corner.


Then the system asks you for which stock you create the stock taking (if you have one place it is chosen automatically), then choose the date (you can choose date in past) and for which categories are you creating the stocktaking. 

Then just fill the gaps with the real amount of given items and click on „vytvořit“. Storyous system will calculate the ballance in cash (in buying prices) if you have set them before.


History detail end stock taking edit

In section Sklad - Inventury you will see all stocktakings made, which can be sorted out by various filters. You can also export the stocktaking detail into .CSV file. 

In Stock taking detail you can see all items and recorded amounts.

You can also edit: date, recorded amount, fill more items (in case you did not finnished the stocktaking - but do not forget that you started to make it at some time and if you were still selling some products, the actual state can vary now). 


 TIP: To see stock review in cash visit section Přehledy - Přehled skladu.