Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to  pair the terminal from different bank with the Storyous POS?

To pair the terminal with POS application is necessary a special software key which is available from bank.

I have the same model of your payment terminal, but not from Storyous, is it possible to pair it?

Unfortunately nor in this case we can not pair your terminal with POS for the same reasons as described above.  

Can I delete the possibility to give tips by using terminal?

With every payment terminal you have the possibility to set tip. So that it is why it is not possible to delete this option. If you do not want to use it, just press - dokončit na terminálu/finnish on terminal.


General information

Interconnection of the payment terminal and Storyous POS application safes your time during the payment and gives you better control over all transaction made.

The payment terminal is possibile to pair with the application via Bluetooth signal. After charging you can use the terminal approximately 6 hours. Full charging lasts 3 hours.

All current types of card are accepted (MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club, Discover), not suppoerted is only American Express. Contacless, chip based or magnetic stripe payments are supported as well. You can pair the terminal with more then one tablet. (At the moment you can make transaction only at one of the tablet.)



The terminal costs 4.990,- Kč (VAT excluding). It is on-time payment and the terminal becomes the property of the merchant.

The other option how to gain terminal interconnected with POS application is to rent it by bank per monthly payment 149,-Kč. Next service is provided by bank.

Transaction fees 0,99%.

Money from transactions are sent to CSOB merchant's account the next day (D+1). If you have account in another bank the money will be accrued the second day after transactions (D+2).

How to order the terminal read here.