If you decide to request payment terminal through Storyous, the whole proces including the visit of bank representative last approximately two or three weeks. Now we offer one of the lowest transaction fee 0,99%.

1. If you already have payment terminal by Storyous:

send newly filled requirement to from the email you stated in the contract with ČSOB as subject fill „Storyous – změna provize“/commission change.

2. If you do not have payment terminal by Storyous:

fill the requirement and send it to

Note: Please check that your requirement is filled correctly (mainly the part about rent/buying). Badly filled requirement will prolong the period of processing.

Immediately after receiving your requirement we send it to the bank and within next three days the representative of the bank will contact you to arrange apointment. You will sign the cotract the will be instructed how to use the terminal.

Note: After this appointment the bank sends you an email, which approves your contract. After receiving the terminal you will pair the terminal using following guide.

3. I want to cancel the contract with CSOB:

in this case send us the requirement of cancellation to and we will proceed next steps. By the date the bank receive your cancellation runs the one month notice period.

4. My ID, address or other details were changed:

If you want to use the terminal in a different place or you need to change business ID, it is necessary to fill following document and send it to