I have received payment terminal, what is next? 

If you buy payment terminal from Storyous, it is necessary to pair it with the Storyous application in tablet. First of all charge it and then follow these steps:

Note: While pairing the terminal you need to unplug the charger.

1. Switch Bluetooth ON in the settings of the tablet.

2. Open Storyous POS application and open section ZAŘÍZENÍ.


3. Swith ON the payment terminal (use the button on the right side).

4. As soon as "POP-xx-xx-xx"appears on the terminal's display choose PŘIDAT ZAŘÍZENÍ in the tablet and wait for the button with the name of the terminal and PIN in the rigt column.



5. Application asks you for pairing ad filling the PIN. Then confirm it by clicking on OK.

Note. If pairing terminal with Lenovo TAB2 A10-30 a Lenovo TAB3 7, please confirm the pairing in the system tray (the upper bar).


6. Press the green button the the payment terminal.

  • After about 5-10 sec. the device is paired. You can see it in section ZAŘÍZENÍ. If you see a warning triagle next to it, click on Update/Aktualizovat in to buttom left corner, after that you should see it online.
  • Then your customers can start paying by card.