We prepared the possbility to use bar code scanner to sell faster. Pair the scanner with tablet via bluetooth, fill EAN codes and you can sell as fast as you need.

1. Pairing the scanner with tablet

Press the button on the scanner and the voice signal tells you that the scanner is switched on.

Scan the first code. When the blue light is winking it means that the scanner is ready to be paired. 

Code 1.



In tablet open Settings and choose Bluetooth. Search for available devices and click on Bluetooth (the name of the device - scanner) and then scan code 2. 

Code 2. 


The scanner beeps as a signal that it s paired with the tablet. 

2. Regime of scanning

In the basic mode the scanner scans EAN codes after pressing the button. If you want to set the constant scanning (EAN is scanned automatically) scan following code. continuous_scanning.PNG

3. Reset

To reset the device scan following code. The settings will be reset , but the scanner will stay paired with the tablet.


4. Swithing off and charging

The scanner will be switched off by long press of the button (10 sec.)

When charning there is red light winking on the scanner. When the scanner is fully charged the red light goes out . 

5. Sleeping regime

The scanner is set to be switched off automatically after 2,5 min. of inaction. If you want to change the sleeping time, scan following codes:

  • The first one for changing the setting. Sleep_time_setting.PNG
  •  And the seccond one to set the time to 10 min.


To rewoke the scaner use the only button on the scanner.

5. Connection with PC

If you want to put EAN codes into Storyous web administration via scanner, you need to pair it with PC via bluetooth. Follow the point 1 abowe and scan those two codes.

Then open section Podniky - Produkty in Storyous web administration and in the detail of the product click into the field for EAN code and scan the code.

To see changes in tablet log out and in to the Storyous POS application. In POS aplication in tablet make the order using the scanner - scan the code and the product will be added to NEW ORDER.

Note. When charging the scanner, the lazer is deactivated after 10-15 sec. To activate it again press the button on the scanner. The scanner can work approximately 4-5 hours after charging.