You can use the invoice payment option, especially for paying larger gatherings such as celebrations, weddings, company team building events, company catering, and so on.

Invoice payment is only available for Profi Business tariffs and can only be made from your main tablet - this option will not appear on mobile waiters.

First, you need to order everything you want to pay by invoice. Then go through the Pay All to the Finish Payment dialog and select Invoice (1) for the print options.


The invoice form will then prompt you to enter the invoice number (2). The automated series is in the XXXXYYYYYY format, where X represents the year and Y the serial number of the invoice. Your first invoice in 2019 will be 2019000001. However, you can enter any number.


You also need to enter your customer information in your Billing Form. First, enter your company ID, then you will be offered the option to search for the rest of the information in the ARES register (3).


After entering and printing an invoice for a specific client for the first time, their data is saved in the system; then it is possible to select from the contacts menu directly in the Company name field (4). To manage your contacts go to the web administration in the Contacts tab in the Business section.

After you have filled in the customer information, be sure to check whether the issue and maturity dates are correct (5) - the maturity is automatically set to 14 days from the date of issue. However, you can also change the due date by clicking on the date.

Once everything is completed correctly, confirm (6) to go back to Finish payment.


After completing the Billing Form, select the method by which the invoice will be paid in cash or by card/transfer (8) in the Finish Payment dialog.


Once the payment is confirmed, two copies of the receipt with the supplier and customer details will be printed from the printer. If the card/transfer payment has been chosen, you will also find a bank connected to the vendor and a QR code for quick payment.