Our mobile app is used for clear revenue and profit control and also offers the opportunity to watch current events in your businesses. The application for your phone or tablet running Android can be downloaded here. And if you have an Apple iOS device you can download the application following this link


After installing the application, open and log in using your login credentials. First, enter your user name (1) and then your password (2). 


Once you've signed in you'll see the main mobile app screen. In the top left, you'll find a menu (3), similar to the one found on Storyous POS, and on the right, you'll find a button to retrieve/refresh the data to ensure you get the latest information (4).



If you run multiple businesses you can switch between them, but until you select a business you will not see the report. If you have any questions you can also contact our customer support through chat (5).


Main Interface

In the first section (6) you will find the name of your business, real-time availability (number of tables with open accounts) and the total value of all open accounts.

The largest section of the screen is occupied by the second section (7), where you can see the total sales revenue and the net profit for the selected period. You can view the segments of time (8) (either sales per day, per week or sales revenue per month) and you can find the specific days of the selected period in the first section under the name of your company.

Revenue is displayed according to the time you have set for the day's end in the Place settings section in the Places tab (if you have not changed the end of the day from 00:00 hours, the sales will show as a calendar day, i.e. from midnight to midnight).


Types of payments

You can use the arrow (9) in both Sales and Profits sections to see in detail how much money was earned from the types of payments - the types of payments your business accepts can be set through the web administration.

If you choose a different time period the detail has to be expanded again.