Printers are an integral part of the Storyous system, they are printed via receipts and kitchen orders. We offer four printers - two large and two small, one of the small printers is portable and is used with our mobile waiter.

The printers work on the principle of thermal printing - the paper is treated with a special layer, thanks to which the color changes due to heat, so there is no need to add toner to the printers, only paper. The paper rolls are 80 mm wide for large printers and 58 mm for small ones.

The printers work either via Bluetooth technology or via WiFi interface (LAN), large printers can be connected to our fourteen-inch or fifteen-inch cash register using a USB cable.


80 mm Bluetooth printer Xprinter XP-C260-N


The printer is primarily designed to print receipts at a medium distance from the tablet. It is paired with it using Bluetooth technology, communication takes place via BT adapters in both devices. It can be also connected via USB. Receipt printing speed is up to 260 mm / s. In addition, this printer has an automatic receipt cutter, so there is no need to tear them off by hand or a cover that protects them from dust, water, and oil. The top print head made in Japan guarantees a long service life and supports both Czech characters and logo printing. With the low paper indicator, you can never stop replacing the rollers during a busy operation.

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80 mm LAN printer Xprinter XP-C260-L


As you can see from the photo, you can't tell the difference between a Bluetooth and a LAN printer at first glance, but on the back, the printers differ depending on the technology used.

We recommend using a cable printer in the kitchen to print orders, because thanks to data transfer via WiFi, the range of the printer is longer than with Bluetooth technology. The disadvantage is the need for a permanent connection over one network, data from the tablet is sent via WiFi to the router, to which the printer is connected via LAN cable. This device also prints at a speed of 260 mm / s, has a durable cover and supports both automatic receipt editing and logo printing.

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Small 58 mm Bluetooth printer Xprinter XPT58-K (No longer for sale)


The small non-portable printer is simple and easy to maintain, prints at 120 mm / s, and fills with 58 mm discs. It is connected to the tablet using Bluetooth technology, the most common use is to print receipts to customers. The printer does not have an automatic cutter, so receipts must be torn off manually. We recommend this facility for smaller businesses, such as stalls, fast food, or kiosks.

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Portable 58 mm Bluetooth printer Cashino PTP-II


We offer a mobile printer for a small portable tablet so that the staff can print receipts for customers directly at the table. Unlike all other printers in our offer, the Cashino printer has a high-capacity rechargeable battery, thanks to which it is possible to print without plugging in. The printer prints on 58 mm discs and lasts up to 8 hours, the standby time is up to 7 days.

Instructions for using the mobile printer can be found here.