Warehousing And Correction

In case of using Storyous POS also for warehouse records, use section ,,Sklad".

If you want to interconnect warehouse (sklad) and menu for reading sold items from the warehouse  check the article Tvorba receptur (making of recipe).

If you own more enterprises it is necessary to choose which enterprise and related warehouse you want to administrate. If you own only one place, then it is chosen automatically.

Categories of stock cards

In the part  Kategorie skladových karet  you can create categories of stock cards where you can later add individual stock items. 

New category is created by setting its name (názvu)(1) and pressing the button add (přidat) (2). The name of the category can be later changed (3) and also deleted (4).

If you own more than one place under the same merchant all categories will be visible for all enterprises.

Stock Cards

The part Skladové karty shows you all items in the warehouse. Stock cards have several functions: 

  • Recording of actual amount of individual items (1) - Initial number and new items you add manually. If you set recipe every sold product will be atomatically read from warehouse.
  • Show you the value of given items in the warehouse: its a weighted average of all purchasing prices. This averaged price serve also as a base for margin calculation.

Quick and practical overview of the warehouse -  the stock cards can be: filtered by categories (3) or name (4),or export (5) into Excel.

Add a new stock card

To add new item is neccesary to fill: (1)

  • name
  • number- initial amount in warehouse.
  • price per unit with VAT - purchasing price, which is later prefilled, but can be changed. 
  • unit
  • initial VAT
  • category

If you want to create a new item and you do not know the initial number or price you can leave it undefined and fill it later by new warehouse. Then please only click on the button přidat ,,add" and you will se new item in the list.

It is possible to check total value of the stock items on individual warehouse (1), history of the stock card (2) it means all movements made with the item. There is also information about number of recipes linked to this stock item (3). 

Using te button detail gives you the possibility to change the stock item.

Stock Card Adjustment

  • Change of stock card categories

You can move the stock item from one category to another by long clicking and pulling the item to chosen category. The second possibility is to mark more of the items by marking the box on the left side of the row (1) and choosing the category in the field under the list of the stock cards (2).

  • Change of the name: Click on the name of the item and rewrite it.
  • Change of the number: The initial number of items you can change in detail of the stock item and then click on „upravit“ (adjust) next to the line of correction (korekce) which refers to the founding of the stock item (the first row on the timeline).

Rewrite the recorded change of the units and save. 


If you want to quickly deduct items from the warehouse use the button „rychlá korekce“ (Described more detailed below.)

  • Change of the initial price 

The initial price you can change the same way as the initial number, it means in the detail of the stock card by using the button „upravit“ (adjust) next to the line of correction (korekce) which refers to the founding of the stock item (the first row on the timeline).

  • If you set initial number and price and you changed VAT after that, the price will not be re-counted.
  • To change initial VAT follow the above mentioned instruction about how to change initial price or number. 
  • Change of the initial unit
  •  In detail of the stock card click on  "upravit" and change the unit.


To delete the stock card click on the button ,,smazat" (delete).



New warehouse

  • If you want to add new items of already existing items to the warehouse use the button „Nové naskladnění“, that you can find in the section Sklad > Skladové karty or Historie naskladnění (history of warehouse).


  • If you own more places choose the right warehouse. (1)
  • Then choose if you want to add prices with or without VAT. (2)
  • Fill the box „Položky“ (3) by name of the adding item. If you are adding already existing item you should see a blue tick next to the box. (4)   
  • If you are adding new item the tick will not be visible and by adding the item a new one will be created. 
  • Below the adding items you can see the total price (5) and by click on „vytvořit“ you add the items.


Warehouse history

  • The overview of all new warehouse you can find in the section Sklad > Historie naskladnění.
  • You can change the time period (1)for data which you are interested in and then you will see how many actions you made(2).
  • To choose and control or change the particular action click on  „detail“ (3).

Deduction of stock cards

  • If you want to quickly add or deduct iteams from the stoct card use the button Rychlá korekce. In the section Sklad > Skladové karty. Choose the given item and click on detail“. 

In the detail click on Rychlá korekce“.




Inventory Check

To check a balance of Warehouse go to the section Warehouse/Sklad, choose the subsection Inventory Check/Inventury and click on button  New Inventory/„Nová inventura“.

You must choose the category of stock cards and the time period (you can do it even ex post). 

Then just type in a real condition of items in the warehouse and click on create/vytvořit


Detail and Editing

When you create the inventory check you see the detail (1). There you can edit it or delete it (2). (To add new items to already created inventory is not possible). If you click on the name of items it opens detail of stock card. (3)