TIP: Creating recipes is important just if you use a storehouse. 

I use a storehouse, why is it useful to create a recipe?

By creating recipes items in menu’s product are deducted from the storehouse after it is recorded sale. You can also see expenses for the menu´s item and a margin. 

Before you start to create recipes set up Menu and add items to storehouse. 


Setting Recipes

Where I can create and edit a recipe? Go to Web Net Administration and find a section Enterprises, a subsection Menu and there you can see „nový recept“/new recipe.


You can also see a detail of recipe. Type in the name of item stored in a storehouse (important is to see a hook behind the name) (1) and add an quantity of used item. Then you can see also expenses (2) margin (3) and sale price (4). 

For example: Let´s say you want to sell a bread. To deduct the item from a storehouse is important to create a recipe. So choose an item bread from the storehouse and set up an quantity one piece/ 1 ks. 


TIP: Why item doesn’t deduct from storehouse even if I have a created recipe? While creating a new recipe you have to choose a product from suggestions, that display while typing down the name of the product (only if product already exists in storehouse). Close to chosen product from storehouse you should see a checkmark. Following this rule helps to deduct products from storehouse properly.


For example

Stored item and recipe - the same unit 

Step by step:

In the menu we want to create sale item „Steak“ - to cook a steak we will need chicken and rice.

Firstly we must make sure that we added both items to the storehouse in the unit kg.  (Check the section Storehouse, the subsection Stock card.) (1)

Secondly in the section Enterprises/Podniky, in subsection Menu we must find the sale item where is needed to create the recipe - „Steak“ and press create a recipe/nový recept. 

We need to type in the name of stored items what we want to use in the recipe. Let´s say we need 300 g/ 0,3 kg of chicken and 150 g/ 0,15 kg rice. (1) The press Save/Uložit. 



Stored item and recipe - different unit

The recipe can be created even for the glass of wine. Let´s say we stored a bottle of wine and as the unit we choose piece/ kus. So we have one piece of wine = one bottle of wine. But we want to sell a glass - 2dl. So we need to set unit volume 0,75l (Just tap on the stock card in this case Rulandské šedé - then Detail - choose Edit/Upravit and choose Set the unit volume/Nastavit objem pro recept).


Then go back to the Menu and create the sale item - for example Rulandské šedé 0,2 (sale unit is piece/kus). Then click on New recipe/Nový recept. You see detail of recipe, type in the stored item and an quantity what you need to deduct from the storehouse. 


You can edit recipes any time - just click on Edit recipe/Uprav recept.