To display the Menu in a tablet, you need to set it in web administration in the section Podniky > Menu and Kategorie Menu/Menu categories.

If you have more enterprises than one, you have to choose what enterprise you want to manage. In the case of just one enetrprise, it is selected automatically.

Those items you create in the section Kategorie menu/Menu Categories and Menu, will display automatically in the web administration for all your enterprises, so you don't have to create a menu again. After that you can choose what item you want to offer in a concrete enterprise using the check box column.

Anyway, you can edit a price and VAT of each item in every single enterprise. Sections Stoly/Tables, Nastavení podniku/Enterprise Settings and Uživatelé/Users are set separately for each enterprise.

Menu categories

In a section Kategorie menu/Menu categories you have to set categories (for ex. Starters, Soups, Drinks etc.) and then you have to place there every item. In the tablet you can see only items WITH CATEGORY.

To create a new category click on „Přidat/Add“.

Český název/Czech title (1) displays in a web administration.

Zkrácený název/Short title (2) displays in a tablet.

Barva a ikona v pokladně/Coulour and icon (3) serves to identification of the category in a tablet.

If you want to use subcategories as well, continue below.

Menu Items

In the section Menu you can:

  • add some new items (1),
  • filtre items by category (2),
  • seek items by the title (3),
  • add and edit receipts to connect the menu item with stock (4),
  • edit and delete (5).

WARNING! The menu in a tablet is not updated automatically, it is necessary to log out an log in again to update all changes.

Add New Item

To add a new item, you have to fill out those informations below and confirm it with „Přidat/Add":

  • Český název položky/Czech title - that's for servis
  • Cena položky/Price - selling price including VAT
  • V tabletu/In tablet - this item displays in POS app
  • Online - you can ignore it, it serves to our development
  • Tisk do kuchyně/Print to the kitchen - if you select a printer, the item will be printed when you confirm the order in app 
  • Jednotka/Unit - choose the selling unit (kg, piece, litres etc.)
  • Kategorie/Category - for the better orientation in Menu (set it in Kategorie Menu/Menu Categories).

Editing Items

Click on the title and simply edit the title and when you click outside or click on ENTER then, it's done. This way you can edit all the information.

TIP: With one click on "V tabletu/In tablet" you can simply choose those items you want to see in Menu in currently in the enterprise.

Item detail

You can edit items also after clicking on „Upravit/Edit“.

There you can edit:

  • Český název položky/Czech title (1)
  • Český popis položky/Czech description (2) - not necessary
  • Daňová sazba/VAT (3) - it is possible to choose default VAT for the item
  • Obrázek/Picture (4) - not necessary
  • Recept/Recipe (5) - how to set the recipe you can find in the article Recipes.

Then you can save all changes with click on „Uložit/Save“. If you choose „Uložit jako novou položku/Save as new item“, you don't change the default item but make a new item with those information you just have set. It is handy in case you have made a recipe for the item and you want to change just one thing there.

Changing The Category

You can change the category with check a box (1) and then choose the category in a menu under the list of items (2).

You can also click on the item and drag it from one category to another.

TIP: It is better to make those changes on a computer, dragging is usually impossible on a tablet or cell phone.

With dragging you can also manually change the order of items.

Deleting items

You can definitely delete items clicking on „Smazat/Delete“ (1).



Creating Subcategory

Firstly, create two items you want to have in subcategory and then drag one of them over the other one (1). When the lower one turns red leave it and then it is merged. Now you can entitle the subcategory (2) with click on the row and add another items.

You can remove the item from the subcategory by dragging it out of the subcategory.


Deleting Subcategory

You can delete the subcategory by removing all items from it.

Filtre And Search Items

You can display the items by categories by clicking on the row "Kategorie/Categories" and in the scrolling menu choose only those categories, you want to display. If you want to see all categories choose "Vše/All".

You can search also the concrete item using the function „Vyhledat položku/Search“. With whisperer you can simply find the item or display all the items containing for ex. the same word.


Print Order To The Kitchen

If you want to send the order quickly to the kitchen or to the other printer, you can set it by clicking on „Tisknout do kuchyně/Print to the kitchen“ (1) and choose the printer on which you need to print the item. When you confirm the order on a tablet, the ticket with this item will be printed on the printer you've chosen.