Tables and sections of tables

To set tables please use section Podniky (Eterprises) part Stoly (tables). This section serve for quick creation and administration of tables, which are later visible in the tablet and so you can make orders on them.

How to create a new table

The table will be created in the upper side of the screen (1) by adding:

  • Code of the table - can be consisted of max four characteristics (will be visible in the tablet).
  • Longer table name - serve for better identification but is not mandatory.
  • Initial VAT - all items ordered on that table will be charched with this VAT. 
  • Sections - serve for splitting tables according the arrangement of the room. 

Then click on the button „Přidat“ (Add).

TIP: For a Take away table please set fixed VAT 15%. Do not forget that in case of alcoholic beverages and tobacco you need to change the 21% VAT back(2).

Table Adjustment

By clicking on the part you want to adjust you can rewrite that particular part.

Rank of Tables Arrangement

You can change the rank on tables by long click and pulling of the row to your demanded place. 

TIP: Such changes you can do more conveniently on your laptop.

To rank the tables in ascending order click on „Kód stolu“ (1), this tool will block the possibility to rank it manually. By clicking on the button on the top left corner you activate the manual changes again (2).

Deleting Tables you can make by click on „Smazat“.

Table Sections

Sections of tables make easier the orientation of waiters in the business premises. One section represents for instance one room. To set the table section click on Podniky and then choose Sekce stolů.

Creation of Section

First of all choose  name of the section  (1) and then a colour (2). If you manage more then one place, choose the one where you want to add the section and click on „přidat“.

To change the name or colour of the section please  use the button „Upravit“.


To delete the section click on „Smazat“ next to chosen section.

How to add a new table into section

When creating a new table choose the section from the list (1) or leave it as (-) if you do not want to add the table to any section. Such tables will be diplayed under sections.

How to add existing tables into section

Firstly choose the table which should be moved to some section (1). Then choose to which section you want to move the table (2) and click on the button „Nastavit sekci“.