Bills Overview

All bills one by one you can find in the section Bills/Účty  in subsection Receipts/Účtenky. A summary of all sales you can find in the subsection Bills overview/Přehledy tržeb.



In the section Receipts/Účtenky you can sort out receipts by the time period and the method of payment.  


How can I filter the time period? Just click into a calendar. If you want select just one day, use double click. 


Receipts Detail 

In the Detail (1) you can see all information about the receipt. There is also an option to convert the receipt to PDF (2). 


Receipts Cancellation 

Do you need cancel the receipt? Go to the section Bills/Účty and in the subsection Receipts/Účtenky click on Cancel/Zrušit. (1) Then you can also choose a reason of the cancellation.

(The reason of the cancellation you can set up in the section Enterprise/Podniky, in the subsection The reason of cancellation receipt/Důvody zrušení účtenky.)


What happens when I cancel the receipt? You will see the receipt marked as grey (2). If you use a Storehouse the items on cancelled receipt are added back. 

To clik on Delete/Smazat you can delete the receipt totally. This function is avaiable only for merchant. A chief and place managere can receipts just cancel.

I cancelled the receipt, can I take it back? Of course, go to the detail of receipt and click on take it back/vzít zpět. 

Bills Overview

 A summary of all sales you can find in the section Bills/Účty in the subsection Bills overview/Přehledy tržeb.To see a details just click on the date. (1)

The bills overview is used for an accountancy and you can convert it to PDF or XLS file (2).