Statistics and Reviews

All statistics and reviews you can find in a Web Network Administration in section Reviews/Přehledy.

TIP: If you have more then one business please choose the one you would like to check. 


What can you find in Statistics and Reviews?  

The review of day’s earnings

This review you can find in section Sales/Tržby.

Firstly choose a period of time (1). Then you can see all sales, average earnings from one guest and number of served guests (2). In the chart you can also see sales by the payment method - Hotově/Cash or Kartou/by Card (3).


Informations about sales review and receipts for an accounting you can find in section Receipts/Účty subsection Bills overview.


Current overview

In the section Current overview/Aktuální přehled you can find opened receipts and also an occupancy of the place. 

On the Days Sales/Denní tržby chart (1) you can see opened and finished sales of the day. Below the chart you can see the summary (2) of all-day sales/ Dnešní tržby, opened-sales/otevřené tržby and current occupancy/aktuální obsazenost. 

You can also see the table where is the opened receipts (3). 

You can also click on detail where you´ll find all details of the receipt. 


The Review of Earnings 

In the section Profit/Zisk you can see the balance earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) - it is the difference between operating revenues and operating expenses (1). You can also see there a profit margin (2). 


The Review of Staff

Firstly in the section Staff/Personál you can see profits of your staff and also number of served guests (1,2). 

Secondly you can also see there the number od deleted items from an order (3). Details of deleted items and cancellations are recorded in section Účty/Receipts - Supervision over cancellation and discounts.




The Review of Staff and Kitchen 

In the Staff and Kitchen overview/ Personál a kuchyně you can see how many orders are made without printing (1) and how many orders are printed (2).



The Review of Products

In the review of Products/Produkty you can see the number of sold items. You can choose (1) specific items and see the number of sold items (2), earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) and margin of given products (3). 


For more infomartion about a storehouse, margin and stocktaking. 

The Review of Category Products 

This review includes similiar informatios like The Review of Products. You can find there how many items was sold in each category and how much was the EBIT, margin and expenses. 


The Review of tables 

In the Review of TablesStoly v podniku you can check out what table is the most attractive for your customers. 


The Review of Storehouse 

A detailed manual how to set up storehouse you can find here.

In the Review of Storehouse you can choose period of time, tap on a button „Generovat statistiku“  and see the stock level. Displayed values don’t include VAT tax.

Then you can see the chart:

  • The Stock Level/Hodnota skladu - the stock level held by the last day of choosen time period (don´t include VAT tax).
  • Recipes/Recepty - the sum of money for sold items
  • To Store New Items in Storehouse/Naskladnění - the sum of money for new items to store in storehouse 
  • Balance of Stocktaking/Bilance inventur 
  • Correction/Korekce