Cash flow on tablet

You are able to set your initial state of cash, cash flow and closing of a day not just through the web administration, but also on your tablet in app. You can find it through clicking on three lines located in upper left corner.

Cash flow settings are visible only for those with role of head waiter/chief, place manager or owner/merchant.

Setting of the initial state of cash

In section Cash flow  „Pohyb hotovosti“ click on „Zadat počáteční stav“ and enter the actual amount of cash that you have as money in till. You can also add a note for it. „Aktuální stav pokladny“ means the amount of cash from the last closing of a day.

In case you don't see „Zadat počáteční stav“ button in „Pohyby hotovosti“ section, it means that after closing of a previous day there were already some products sold. In that case this amount from previous closing date becomes automatically amount of initial amount.

 Zadávaní pohybu hotovosti

After setting of the initial amount, the revenue will automatically start to count. If you'd like to withdraw/put in money, you can do it manually. Go back to Pohyb hotovosti and click on ,,Přidat pohyb" button.

Choose, if you're going to put in (Vklad) or withdraw (Výběř) money. You can also add note (f.e. 1000,- CZK for beer)

 Checking the status of cash and closing date

For checking the status of cash, click on ,,Provést uzávěrku" button. 

You will see following informations:

  • cash in total since the last closing date
  • current status of cash register (what you should have in cash)
  • sales and discount made
  • tips from cards (if you're using our card terminal)


If you have more tablets as cash registers, it is necessary to seperate revenue on single tablet and whole revenue from all tablets.