Payment Terminal in Web Administration

There is a special section ,,Platební terminál" (,,Payment Terminal") in the Web Administration, which provides you detailed overview of payments made throught the payment terminal. It is possible to sort the information by time period - use the tool of callendar in the top right corner. Displayed data in the table and in the graph you can export to Excel by pressing the button ,,export".

The section Payment Terminal monitors also tips, as an additional amount of money given by the customers to the real price of the bill.

Important role in this section plays the button ,,Administrace POS MERCHANT", that brings you to the  ČSOB bank account interface, where you can monitor state of individual transactions, sort out transactions and cancel payments made through the terminal.

To log into the POS Merchant application you need your identification number (IČO) as a name and a code receved by bank via SMS will serve as your password.