Payments and Discounts


I made an order so how can I manage a payment options? Tap on the order and for the payment you have two options. 

  • A button „Zaplatit zvlášť“/Separate bills - you can choose specific items and then click on the price and finish the payment. 
  • A button „Zaplatit vše“/ Pay all together - you see a price for all items and can just finish the payment.  

Payment options

Before you finish the payment you see a pop up window with couple options. You can:

  1. add discount/Sleva ,
  2. type in number of guests/počet hostů,
  3. cancel or print out the bill - x,
  4. open a calculator/Vrácení

TIPEach discounted or cancelled receipt are recorded to the system and are visible in Web Network Administration in section Receipts/Účty, subsection Control of cancellations and discounts/Kontrola storna a slev.

To click on Hotově/Cash or Kartou/By card you can finish the payment. If you pay by a card and don't have a payment terminal from Storyous you must type the amount in. 

If you don't want to finish a payment and need to go back just click on the x in upper corner of pop up window (1). Then you can still make changes. 


Receipts list

All receipts you can find if you click in upper left corner and then you´ll choose Přehled účtenek/Receipts list. If you tap on the receipt you can see details and also cancell the receipt. 


Changes in detail of receipt 

In the section Přehled účtenek/Receipt list if you tap on the receipt (1) you can change the payment method (2) and the number of persons (3). 

Reprinting Receipts 

To reprint receipt just tap on „Znovu vytisknout”/Reprinting receipt(1). A record of this action will be recorded in section Kontrola storna a slev/Supervision over cancellation and discounts.

Making cancellation of completed payment 

To cancel a payment that has been completed you can click on  „Stornovat účtenku”/Cancel receipt. You can set up reasons of cancellation in Web Network Administration but it is not obligatory.