Assigning access for users

Who can add new users?

  • Only user with access OWNER/WŁAŚCICIEL can add new users and set their accounts.

Where can I find settings of users accounts and how I can add new user’s account?

  • Settings of users accounts are situated in Web Network Administration, in section Premises/Lokale, subsection Users/Użytkownicy. To add a new user click on button Add/Dodaj then fill all the empty brackets and click on Add/Dodaj to save changes. To change account’s details, click on button Details/Szczegóły close to the chosen user. Type down changes and click on Save/Zapisz to save them.

Which data I need to log in?

  • Password: it has to contain 7 signs, among them 1 number at least User’s login: it is used for signing in to Web Network Administration and for mobile waiter’s application (POS), login has to be unique in the system E-mail: it’s used only when user forget password - to remind password, e-mail has to be unique in the system