New deliveries and history of deliveries

How to stock and add new products?

  • You can add new product to the storehouse by clicking on button New delivery/Nowa dostawa, that you can find in section Storehouse/Magazyn, subsection Storehouse-cards/Magazyn-karty or History of deliveries/Historia dostaw. If you want to add a product that was previously recorded to the storehouse, choose it from the list that displays after typing down the name. If you add a new product it is enough just to type down its name. To each delivery you should add quantity and price of products.

Why some cards duplicate after making a delivery?

  • When you make a delivery, first choose whether product that you add already exists in storehouse (if it exists then in storehouse close to chosen name you can see blue checkmark). If you don’t choose a card that already exists (from the list) then new card is created, even if the name already exists in the storehouse. To not reapeat storehouse’s cards you should always choose card from the list.

Where can I find review of deliveries?

  • You can find review of deliveries in section Storehouse/Magazyn in subsection History of deliveries/Historia dostaw.

How to print details about delivery of products?

  • To print delivery’s details open section Storehouse/Magazyn and then move to subsection History of deliveries/Historia dostaw. Next click on button Details/Szczegóły and use shortcut “Ctrl+P”. You can also print the whole list of deliveries using “Ctrl+P”.