Where I can see details of the bill?

  • In section Účty/Rachunki, in subsection Účtenky/Rachunki on the right side of the window you will see two buttons. Click on Details/Szczegóły to see the details of chosen bill.

What to do if guests left the table without paying?

In Web Network Administration open section Účty/Rachunki and move to subsection Účtenky/Rachunki. Click on button Cancel/Anuluj close to chosen bill. You will see reasons to cancel the bill - choose reason. Cancelled bill is not counted to day’s earning, but products will be counted out from the storehouse.

How to delete a bill?

  • In mobile waiter’s application (POS) in main menu open section Přehled účtenek/Lista paragonów. Choose receipt that you want to cancel, and then click on Cancel/Anuluj and choose reason to cancel the bill.
  • Using account Owner/Właściciel you can delete bill completely. To do it, sign in to Web Network Administration and in section Účty/Rachunki, subsection Účtenky/Rachunki, choose previously cancelled receipt (it is crossed in the system) and on the right side of the window click on button Delete/Usuń. - Through account Owner/Właściciel you can also bring back previously cancelled bill. To do it open details of the bill - Szczegóły and click on button Undo/Cofnij.

What happen when I cancel the bill?

  • Products that are added to cancelled bill do not count out from the storehouse. The only reason, when products are counted out from the storehouse is “Guest left, didn’t pay”.

Is it possible to print the bill again?

  • Yes. To print the receipt again, in POS application open section Přehled účtenek/Lista paragonów, choose receipt and then choose the kind of printing.

How to print old bill?

  • In Web Network Administration in section Účty/Rachunki search for the receipt that you want to print through choosing the date from the calendar. Chosen receipt can be exported to PDF, from where you can print it again.