Merchant Account Settings

Section Settings

Before you start to sell it is neccessary to fill in following data about merchant (1):

name of the company, company address, company registration number (IČO) and VAT identification number (DIČ). DIČ will be the vital information for the Revenue Authority due to the Electronic Sales Reporting. 

If the merchant is VAT payer, please mark the box ,,obchodník je plátcem DPH".

Bellow please fill contact data (2), that are coppied into the internal Storyous system. The email for instance serve as a billing contact.

All filled information, apart from contact, will be printed on the bill. 

Setting the time for operation

It is possible to set the time period for the section ,,Přehledy" (,,Overviews"). If you run your business over midnight, you can change it in the section ,,Podniky"(,,Enterprise") in the field ,,Nastavení podniku" (,,Settings of the eterprise"). Bellow the bill setting please fill the hour of closing your operation.  Please make sure that you have time enough to make the closing balance.

My account

Each user administrate his/her account in the section ,,Můj účet" (,,My account") You can set the photo but also change:

  • user name: the one you use for login (1),
  • email, where we can sent forgotten password (2),
  • password, that consist of seven symbols, one of which needs to be letter (3).
  • pin, enabling fast switching of users in Storyous application (4).